Know All About High Tensile Fasteners

Know All About High Tensile Fasteners

What are High Tensile Fasteners?  High Tensile Fasteners are made of chromium, nickel, and copper alloys & fasteners can break if tensile stress is applied while joining them. These fasteners exhibit a good strength greater than standard fasteners. These High Tensile Fasteners can be very useful as they are very strong and can be used … Read more

What Is Grade 8.8 Stainless Steel Fasteners

A grade 8.8 can be manufactured with any material whose mechanical properties meet or exceed the requirements given in the relevant harmonized standards. The two-digit nomenclature is not used to describe individual steel grades and only applies to metric fasteners defined under ISO 965 (as well as derived standards) The designation system is based on … Read more

Overview Of Nickel Alloy Fasteners

Nickel Alloy Fasteners

Nickel alloy fasteners are widely used due to their strength and ductility. Nickel superalloys exhibit high strength coupled with high temperature resistance and are used for high stress, high heat applications.  Wrought nickel alloys are characterized by their anti-corrosive properties as well as the high strength and temperature resistance properties found in the other nickel alloys.  Monel, Hastelloy and Inconel … Read more